Iszi Lawrence: Wotnot

Review by Bernard O'Leary | 10 Aug 2012
  • Iszi Lawrence

If you ever need to track down Iszi Lawrence, just follow the trail of disappointed lesbians.

I mean, she looks amazing, with crazy cropped blonde hair and a Weimar-chic black suit. Early in her set, she has a routine about a teenage crush on her female geography teacher, which is an unforgettable and hilarious exploration of frustrated emotion and confused sexuality. Sadly, Lawrence's current preference is for slightly overweight, hairy men. Sorry ladies. She has experimented but is generally put off by the level of post-match analysis involved in sleeping with a woman (another routine that's packed with wit and insight).

There is a loose theme of sex and sexuality throughout, but essentially this hour is a showcase for Lawrence's many talents. She's ferociously intelligent with a sharp turn of phrase and when she analyses her life she does so with remarkable insight. She also loves a bit of slapstick, the odd puerile dirty joke, and plenty of banter with the crowd. One highlight today is Lawrence's quick-thinking response to an audience member who's keen to share her pet-names for her breasts.

This is excellent work from a comedian who is clearly going places. Catch her now.

Iszi Lawrence: Wotnot, The Stand, until 26 Aug(until 13), 1.10pm, £8/£7