Interview: The Bishop Brothers

Ever wondered what comedians would like to be asked? Well, we figured that the best person to answer that would be a comedian. So this year's Fringe coverage sees comics interviewing comics, giving you a double dose of joy into the bargain. In the first, <strong>Des Bishop</strong> questions his wee brother <strong>Aidan</strong>

Feature | 10 Aug 2010

Des: Do you think family members should divide up their shared experiences between each other for material, or just fall out when they both end up storming with the same anecdotes?

Aidan: When family members do comedy I think there is always a chance that they might come up with similar ideas or narratives. But they never should fall out – no matter what! Family comes before comedy... That’s a great idea about dividing up shared experiences...You know that joke you do about mom – well I am using that. Thanks

I left home when you were 10 and spent 13 years working hard in Ireland so you would have a place to do warm up shows for Edinburgh. Are you grateful for that?

Well that depends on how well I do. If I do well then I will be grateful. If I don’t, then I can blame you. I can blame you for all the hours I spent doing promotions to help build the club up to 5 shows every week – where I could be using that time improving my comedy – or the hours I spent helping renovating your two houses..

The ladies love you. Do you think a show about you and the ladies increases your chances of meeting women during the festival?

Definitely not. I think you need to have a good show if you want to increase your chances. I think this year’s show is better, so I am excited. I am bringing extra condoms.

Mom or Dad?

I will give the same answer mom and dad give when they gets ask who is their favourite son. ‘I love them all the same’. But I know I am their favourite they told me last week.

Me or Mike? (our brother)

Depends on how well I do in Edinburgh. If I do well, then definitely you and if not, then definitely Mike.

There are now at least four Bishops working regularly in British and Irish comedy. Can you stand out amongst these legends?

I don’t know – it’s a very elite club. But there is no pressure because I am adopted – that’s what you told me my whole life.

Well, John Bishop does look more like you than me.

Yes he does. People say that to me all the time. I think, if you look back at our family tree, we do share some ancestors. We’re family! Like I said, family comes before comedy. So when John gets his big Hollywood break, I can play his brother in a movie.

Your Dad has lung cancer, your mom had breast cancer and your brother had testicular cancer. Do you feel left out?

Yes Des I do! But I am working on it. I’m taking up smoking and going to sun beds. I also have been hanging out at the local nuclear waste dump. I love the smell of toxic waste in the morning!

Aidan Bishop - Adaptable, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 10.15pm 4-29 Aug (not 16)

Des Bishop - My Dad Was Nearly James Bond, Assembly@George Street, 8.05pm, 5-29 Aug (not 16,23)