Ian Smith @ Underbelly Med Quad

A satisfying hour of unfussy gags in stand-up show Snowflake

Review by Eve Livingston | 07 Aug 2017
  • Ian Smith

Ian Smith gets the politics out of the way early on, insofar as he assures the audience that there will be none here despite the title’s allusion to the ubiquitous liberal-bashing slur. Rather, the hour is based around literal snow in reference to Smith’s recent solo trip to Norway. This framing allows for an enjoyable hour of stand-up in which Smith makes use of gimmicks such as an on-screen presentation and written notes to complement his brand of uncomplicated everyman comedy. He is likeable and well-balanced, easily engaging in gentle teasing of his audience without coming across as adversarial.

Set pieces such as his use of Powerpoint to suggest much-needed additions to the dictionary are effective and fit smoothly into the show’s narrative, although a few feel slightly too long and see the momentum lull briefly. Fortunately Smith’s skill and character see him through, as he banters honestly with the audience about his assessment of how the show is going. Snowflake is ultimately packed full of straightforwardly funny punchlines and observations, made all the more appealing by Smith’s almost slapstick presentation.

Ian Smith: Snowflake, Underbelly, Med Quad (Buttercup), 2-27 Aug (not 16), 5:15pm, £8-£12 http://www.underbellyedinburgh.co.uk