I like my comedy...with sketches: William Andrews

Feature by Bronwyn Davies | 12 Aug 2009

William Andrews

Like some kind of Japanese puzzle, Will Andrews seems to be joining smaller and smaller teams every year. First up we had the phenomenal foursome of Ugly Kid (presented on our telly screens as Blowout). While the ladies of the troupe went on to shine in The Stand’s Angry Puppy last year, he buddied up with Greg ‘Gary: Tank Commander’ McHugh for the acclaimed, if unimaginatively titled, Will & Greg. And then, after all that hype, there was one.

This year Andrews stands solo with his new show Nitwit. This is the brain which brought the world the lovable Tony Carter, along with countless vividly imagined sketches so hopes are held high. He promises to weave his comedy with the multi-media which has always featured heavily in his comedy, from the song-snippets of his stand-up to the numerous, oddly beautiful, videos which have prettified YouTube. This could be weird. It could be brilliant. It’ll probably be both.



William Andrews:Nitwit

9-31 August, 6:50pm, Pleasance Dome

William Andrews