I like my comedy...to give me something to think about: Lucy Porter

Feature by Erin McElhinney | 29 Jul 2009

Lucy Porter

First of all, let me congratulate you on not being naked on your Fringe poster this year.

Well, I think it’s a tragedy, but there you go. I thought maybe I was getting to that age where I should really cover up a bit, you know, something more tasteful. Although I don’t know how tasteful it turned out, actually, I mean, its called Fool’s Gold. And I’m dressed in a fairy costume on the back, for no apparent reason. I’m very pleased with the font, though; we nicked it from the U.S. TV classic ‘The Price is Right!’ so it’s all very tacky and game show.

And, er, it’s about gold?

Yes! My shows tend to be about whatever particular theme I’m interested in at the point when I have to make a decision about what I’m going to do, and I kept on getting these spam emails saying ‘turn your gold into cash!’. I thought "But I don’t have any gold!" and then grew really obsessed and starting reading all about gold and the show grew from that. It’s about the subject of value, precious metals, alchemy, the concept of taste…

It sounds very deep...

Doesn’t it? It won’t be. I start off with grand, philosophical ideas, but there’s a full on QVC moment in there as well.

So where do you try out your new material? Is there anywhere in particular locally that you like to perform at?

I guess my favourite is probably The Comedy Camp; I seem to be quite popular with gay men, I have an element of tragedy to me that I think they appreciate.

Anyone up and coming that you think we should keep our eye out for?

There’s one guy in particular who’s my top tip for this year; Charlie Baker. We met filming a pilot, and he’s just lovely. I went to see his show thinking "God, I hope it’s good, cos he’s so nice!" and he was brilliant. His debut show at Edinburgh this year, go see him.


Lucy Porter: Fool's Gold

Pleasance Courtyard, 8-31 August (not 12 and 19), 8:20pm