Fringe Dog: How to find a 5-star show

With over 1000 comedy shows listed in the official Edinburgh Fringe programme, choosing between them can be tricky. Luckily wise comedy guide Fringe Dog is here to help plan an itinerary

Feature by Fringe Dog | 28 Jul 2015
  • Fringe Dog

hallo to you , skinny readers !! i am fringe dog, a profesional dog reviewer . dont be confuse !! i do not review dogs ,that would be weird . i review comedy shows at the edimbrugh fringe . i would like to share my big expertise and tell you how to choose briliant 5star shows !

1. edimbrugh fringe main brochure and other brochures !!
this year the fringe program look really cool ! and it nice they give oportunity to young people to design the programme cover . but sometimes you also see small brochures full of comedy shows - o boy !! there are lots of diferent organisations that put on shows, and they all hate each other. It very sad . but dont worry !! how do you find a 5star show in the huge big and little books ?? first of all ,go to comedy section . then lick the page . whatever is a tasty one is a 5star show !! ( hint - all the shows are very tasty !!).

2. flyers that get given to you by people in the street
at begining of festival , people that give you flyers are fun and bubbly ! take the flyers from the nice people ,talk to them about their show -then go to the show !! it will be exelent . near the end of the fringe ,the people givin out flyers look sad , like my old housemates at batersea dogs home . give them pat - and go to see the show !! it will be exelent .

3. walk into any building and go to the show in it
every building in edimbrugh is venue during the fringe ,apart from bedrooms . be careful !! if you walk into a bedroom instead of venue ,it's 5 millions of pounds to stay there . (tip : sleep in a bin !) so ,when you go for walkies (o boy o boy o boy !!!), go to darkest smellist building you can find . there will be a show goin on ! i guarantee it will be amazin 5star experience !

i will be writing lots of things for the skinny throughout the fringe !! follow me on twitter @FringeDog,

love from fringe dog