How to Beat the Post-Fringe Blues

With the Fringe packed away for another year, wonder-dog and journalist Fringe Dog offers some top tips for staying happy post-August

Feature by Fringe Dog | 03 Sep 2018
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o boy ,the edimbrugh fringe is gone and you is thinkin youre never goin to pant again .

i am not qualifed doctor in human or veternarian medicine but if you feel like you just went to a place called the biscit factory and found they have no biscits ,you may be sufferin from serius case of post~fringe blues .

it complete-ly rational response to end of laughter ,but what can you do to feel better ???

be top dog

one trick the fringe pull is we all feel like we matter even when we dont matter very much at all .now you dealin with big status drop .good news !!! inflatin your status back to august levels is much easier than you think !!!

i consult psychiatrist who tell me all you need to do :

a) move to terible neighborhood where your kenel is like a palace
b) hang around people you think you is better than (try fleas )
c) indulge in more nasty gossip than is at an edimbrugh vip bar in august to keep up the pretence of superiority and control

uh oh  !!! i think psychoatrist been listenin to too much bon jovi ~this is bad medicine

bein top dog comes with ulcers and fear of bein attackd .better to rebuild neighbourhood ,invite people to kennel ,flyer for a fleas ,

by bein big part of community you is spirit of the fringe and there no higher status than that !!!

get the heart pumpin

edimbrugh fringe is like comstant walkies punctuated by 5star comedy .september will always feel as listless as a 3star reveiw ,which is why i usually sleep thro it .you mite not have that option .but there briliant short cut to get adrenaline back up :-- cold water !!!

now if i tell you to take cold shower youd never do it .youd stand anxious as a cat not darin to go in .insted i will take freezin cold shower and then –when you is least expectin it –,i will shake off my wet mangy coat all over you !!!

o boy your adrenal glands are goin now !!!

review everything

keepin gratitude list is good for mental health .o boy it just like reviewin and it work with everythin !!!

just reweiw everything you pleased about today .like this

today i found unlick biscit, 5stars .
today i chase squiril - 5stars
today i nap durin 5star theatre show at lyceum ,strange dreams.5stars

o boy i never know a bad day a gratitude list cant turn around into briliant 5star outlook !!!

see live comedy

o boy support your local comedy club !!! there is still 5star comedy all the time in edimbrugh (the stand ,monkey barrel ,rose theatre) and glasgow (the stand ,yesbar ,the rotunda ) ~ they is all very briliant and it perfect preparation for next fringe which is less than a year away o boy o boy o boy !!!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe commences 2-26 August 2019