Holly Walsh: Never Had It @ Assembly George Square Studios

Review by Graeme Morrice | 27 Aug 2014
  • Holly Walsh: Never Had It

A familiar face on the biggest TV panel shows, she’s never had any problem holding her own against the regulars, and here Walsh makes the transition back to stand up with consummate ease. Not one for the grand entrance, she bounds on stage in similar fashion to an excitable friend appearing at your front door, one you're always very happy to see.

From the outset, her delivery is understated and effortless, and at times it’s almost as if she can’t quite believe she’s on stage in front of a packed-out room. If the delivery is understated, the surprises aren’t. It turns out this slightly geeky woman next door has a secret hobby: finding rude pictures in surprising places – and she’s happy to show them to you. Throughout the show, she compares her life with others, in particular Alicia Keys. Keys may have the global success, but Walsh wins every time for an evening's entertainment; you just never know what she’s going to come out with next.

As many of the shows this year seem a little samey, its refreshing to see something that feels new and is packed with great jokes all rolled up in a brilliantly put together routine. Walsh has an easygoing warmth that makes watching her very easy, given that what she’s saying also happens to be very funny. Get on the your phone and get one of the few remaining tickets.

Holly Walsh: Never Had It @ Assembly George Square Studios, 1-24 August, 6:45 pm, £10/£9