Hari Kanth @ Laughing Horse, Cabaret Voltaire

Baby talk from the endearingly awkward Hari Kanth

Review by James McColl | 23 Aug 2019
  • Hari Kanth @ Laughing Horse, Cabaret Voltaire

There’s a gentle atmosphere in Hari Kanth’s show, one that emanates from Kanth himself. His style of comedy is never confrontational or forceful; rather he takes a more subtle approach. This makes it all the more enjoyable when he chooses to turn this on its head.

This year, Kanth dedicates his show This Train Terminates Here to a single premise. It's a premise that has been taking up more of his life and thinking time. Will he have a baby? Well, no... he thinks.

Despite he and his partner having no interest, this is something his family take umbrage with. Having been married for over two years, this question has become ever more frequent for the 30-something. During the hour, Kanth acts out phone calls with his father (and doing a self-proclaimed unconvincing impression), who tries his hardest to sway his son. Kanth’s slightly geeky and non-confrontational persona shines through even here; he has an awkwardly endearing quality that makes it easy for an audience to cheer him on.

In turn, Kanth has no problem revealing his personal stories for our amusement and consideration. He is a comic that places his life in his work, both as a way to process events and for us to learn from his mistakes. These moments loosely hold together more straightforward observational comedy routines. Other stories about awkwardly babysitting his friend’s newborns will ring true for anyone in his age range. Though not always hilarious, Kanth proves that he can hold a crowd’s interest and spin an interesting story over the course of an hour.

Hari Kanth: This Train Terminates HereLaughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire (Long Room), until 25 Aug, 3.50pm, Free/PWYW