Hannah Gadsby - Kiss Me Quick I'm Full of Jubes

Article by Becca Pottinger | 18 Aug 2009

Testament to some militant flyering and enthusiastic vocal endorsement by producer Adam Hills, Hannah Gadsby’s show is packed. Thank God the venue is fairly modest because any more people and the intimate, pub-chat life story monologue would lose its oomph. The lack of theatrics and self-conscious performance makes for a calming hour, roaming tales of a childhood growing up a ‘little bit lesbian’ in Tasmania, dealing with a tyrannical mother and her pathological fear of doctors. The set is endearing rather than laugh out loud funny, and luckily manages to avoid slipping explicitly into that cringe worthy realm of comedy as self-serving therapy. A bit of a lag around the 45-minute mark starts to flag up the limitations of her material, but Gadsby is so likeable that you just grit your teeth in a sympathetic smile and will her through it.