George Fouracres @ Pleasance Courtyard

George Fouracres' debut Fringe hour is solid stand-up from a comedian who hasn’t forgotten his sketch comedy roots

Review by Eve Livingston | 07 Aug 2019
  • George Fouracres @ Pleasance Courtyard

Gentlemon isn’t your stereotypical comedy hour from a white male comedian at the Fringe. Decked out in a full tweed suit, Fouracres covers primary school hymns, Dad’s Army, marching music and more in this exploration of social mobility and what it’s like to make it to the middle classes from humble beginnings. 

While this is Fouracres’ first stand-up hour, his roots are in sketch comedy and it shows. The show is sprinkled with physical and character comedy, both in actual interludes and as Fouracres recounts childhood anecdotes, playing the parts of family and friends around him with such conviction that we feel we know them too. It’s the right decision to weave this throughout; Fouracres is at his strongest when stomping or thrashing around the stage in character and he has the ability to evoke time and place through characters, making the stand-up stronger for it. 

He is reflective, too, using comedy to explore what feels like a very real existential crisis about having left the working class Black Country for a full set of A-Levels and a grand university with turrets. Even in these thoughtful moments, Fouracres doesn’t forgo laughs, resulting in a well-paced and well-rounded hour with obvious purpose and conviction.

Fouracres is a compelling and likeable performer with a real knack for character comedy and clear writing talent. This is a promising debut from a comedian who hasn’t forgotten his roots, either in class or in comedy.

George Fouracres: Gentlemon, Pleasance Courtyard (Bunker One), until 26 Aug (not 18), 3.30pm, £7.50-10.50