Gemma Flynn: Comedy Spotlight

Part of Glasgow's Chunks Collective and a graduate of the Edinburgh Revue, to call Gemma Flynn a local hero would be an understatement. We find out what she has planned for her second solo show

Feature by Polly Glynn | 27 Jul 2016

Your last show, Trap Queen, was about feminism, neo-liberalism and also Will Smith. Is there still a need to inform audiences of these things? What’s different about Around the Way Girl?

I’ve been working on Around the Way Girl since my preview at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. I didn’t want to talk about the same things, but then I went to a wedding and the vicar made a joke about my tits, so I thought, ‘OK, there’s clearly need for more discussion in this realm.’

I’m doing a lot with pop culture and the internet to try and discuss feminist issues, like how we objectify women like Kim Kardashian. I’m starting with my real lived experiences like this fucking goddamn vicar as a prompt to understand what is happening with the way women are treated, how they see themselves and trying to understand what we can take as positives from pop culture icons. 

Essentially, it’s a lotta LOLS, and making fun of Kanye is just so easy and fun.

Some of hip-hop’s greatest thinkers have actually got in touch with questions for you. This one’s from Rick Ross: ‘Am I really just a narcissist, just cos I wake up to a bowl of Lobster Bisque?'

No, he’s just a legend. I can only but dream of waking up to a steaming bowl of bisque. It’s classy AF.

This one goes out to DMX – he says, ‘Where my dogs at?'

[Barks] I’m here. I’m here for you, X.

If he doesn’t know where his dogs are at, should he get them microchipped?

Yeah. Get some posters up, get a picture of them, put them up around the city, call the RSPCA. I think he means his friends though, not dogs.

Maybe he should get them microchipped too?

I would take a chip for you.

Now, this is the first of three from someone who calls themselves K. West: 'Have you ever had shoes without shoe strings?’

I did have Velcro trainers when I was young but apparently Kanye’s bringing out trainers that are just stretchy and you can step right into them.

Is that not just like Vans?

That is like Vans. That’s the thing with Kanye – he believes himself to be a revolutionary. He recently declared that he invented leather jogging pants as well. He’s a pioneer. He reminds me of a keen first year, like, ‘some of what you just said is wrong, but your spirit is strong.’

Back to K. West: 'Have you ever popped Champagne on a plane while getting some brain?'

I’ve popped champagne on a train! It was Virgin First Class and it was like getting brain. We were given complementary sandwiches and that was great. Although, if I was offered brain on a plane, I don’t know if I’d really be in the mood to take it.

And his third question: 'Have you ever had sex with a pharoah?'

Not that I know of. If he was a pharoah, he kept that well under his wraps. I’d love to have sex with a pharoah though.

Would his mask-thing not get in the way?

I think it would just be so exciting and a real nod to history. My bed is just so sandy. Crumbs everywhere. It looks I’ve already had sex with a pharaoh in my bed. One of my friends sat in it and he said it was like sitting on a Ryvita.

And finally, from A Tribe Called Quest – 'Can I kick it?'

Can you kick it? I feel like you can kick it. Kick it with me, anytime. You can kick it absolutely.

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Gemma Flynn: Around the Way Girl, Sportsters, 6-28 Aug (not 15), PBH Free Fringe.