Gareth Morinan is Playing the Numbers Game @ Banshee Labyrinth

Review by Simon Pattullo | 20 Aug 2013

It’s a brave move, to rely so heavily on technology, but Gareth Morinan is slick enough to make it work. His laptop feeds two screens as he regales from the stage. He flits from pie chart to Venn diagram, from line graph to music video, and it’s quite captivating, some of it being absolutely inspired. Even the build-up has graphics, and there’s not a little charismatic interaction as the small audience files in.

At its heart, the show is about Morinan’s thus far unsuccessful attempt at living the life of a pick-up artist, but it's the asides which bring the biggest laughs. Personable, there's no bullying or unnecessary pressure as pre-written material is handed out for the audience participation section. However, despite the premise being solid, these scripted scenes do tend to drag. Some unsettling noise from outside distracts proceedings, and a lack of attention presents itself as giggling ladies bee-lining for the bar, and there's perhaps an over-reliance on animation as he tries to cajole the audience.

But with his quick-wit, technophilia, eye for a unique approach, his admission of acute self-awareness belies his confidence on stage. If he could tighten the looser parts and focus on a stronger finale the audience would be his for the taking.

Gareth Morinan is Playing the Numbers Game, Banshee Labyrinth, until 24 Aug, 18:40, free