Frisky and Mannish's School of Pop Erin McElhiney Review

Article by Erin McElhinney | 24 Aug 2009

How to describe Frisky and Mannish? Take some pop songs - the more commercially successful the better - and with your own not inconsiderable keyboard and vocal skills, fantastic chemistry and farcical wit, actively demonstrate just how ridiculous they are. Fortunately it’s all done with a smile and a wink, and it’s obvious that the duo are as in love with pop as they are aware of its all too accessible comedic value. The school premise seems to be a bit unnecessary at first, but as it plays out proves to be a rather clever way of tying together highly original and inventive sketches that would make Bill Bailey weep. Frisky and Mannish deserve 5 stars for their impeccable comic timing alone. And trust me, you want to catch them before they hit the stratosphere. Unique, talented, silly and just plain wonderful.