Foxdog Studios @ Laughing Horse, The Cellar Monkey

Foxdog Studios present a show of technical finesse and bizarre storytelling with an audience interaction element like no other

Review by Jenni Ajderian | 10 Aug 2016

Foxdog Studios’ technological wizardry is matched only by their baffling modesty. This is a show in the basement of a pub, full of deadpan humour with no pause for applause, laughter or acknowledgement. They just crack on with the show in all its glory, first asking us all to log our smartphones on to their website so we can play an interactive game and watch the results onscreen with musical accompaniment.

The story behind the madness is that we’re all on a team bonding exercise on our first day working at the scrapyard – and it absolutely works, both through the aforementioned feats of engineering and the easy, dry wit of our IT consultant hosts on stage. Add to that a live musical accompaniment and we’re all entranced; we may have signed up for a degree in engineering without realising.

If there are points for effort, Foxdog Studios gets all the points. There are no points left for anyone else. We’re going to have to print off some more points. Prepare the shiny paper. My pockets are empty of points and my brain is full of little stars and whizz-bangs of excitement.

This is ridiculous, unique and so funny your face will hurt. 

Foxdog Studios, Laughing Horse @ The Cellar Monkey, 4-28 Aug, 11.15 pm, Free