Foxdog Studios @ Heroes, The Hive

Foxdog Studios' new show is a madcap hour of interactive comedy that the whole audience will want to join in with

Review by Eve Livingston | 08 Aug 2019
  • Foxdog Studios - Tomorrow's Office

Pete and Lloyd are IT consultants by day; by night they are a mixture of nutty professor, stand-up comedian, surreal sketch act and – for the purposes of this show – sixth form guest lecturers. 

Tomorrow’s Office is a madcap romp through some of the duo’s impressive inventions, from the exactly-as-they-sound bongo boots to computer programs which allow the audience to take part in games, talk to the performers via video link from the same room, and aim a sausage cannon at Mars from the comfort of their own seats. Even the most reluctant of audience participants will find themselves enthusiastic and ready to join in with these capers; bring your (fully charged) phone and don’t forget to allow access to the camera, GDPR be damned. 

The performers’ energy is hilariously muted and deadpan but the show itself is frenetic and fast-paced, with the audience only too happy to provide the bulk of its content through quiz answers and video links. There are ridiculous costumes, wildly abstract songs, and questions you’ll never know the answers to. It doesn’t matter; the fun is in being able to answer at all. 

And it really is fun. The hour speeds by as audiences play arcade-style games using only their voices and their phones, or become the unknowing stars of a musical interlude when participating through their front-facing cameras. The hour is loosely held together on the premise that the duo prepared for a sixth form careers talk but found themselves at the Fringe instead; this allows for straightforward comedy moments but the laughs are really in the eccentricity of the inventions and the ability to try them all out. 

Original and confidently handled, Tomorrow’s Office is a treat for comedy, gaming and science fans alike. Foxdog Studios can surely conquer the comedy world if they can only tear themselves away from the IT one. 

Foxdog Studios: Tomorrow's OfficeHeroes @ The Hive (Big Cave), until 25 Aug, 5pm, £5/PWYW