Flange Krammer: Alpine Horn with Flange Krammer

Review by Roxane Hudon | 08 Aug 2012
  • Flange Krammer

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to say yes to a mustached man in a polyester ski suit inviting you to his show while you confusedly wait outside the venue wondering what to do for the next hour. Character comic Neil Dagley plays Flange Krammer, a German Olympic skier and womanizer, which, to be honest, is a premise that does not sound very promising, but the end result is definitely a pleasant surprise. Dagley, using a questionable German accent, delivers an entertaining and hilarious hour of fake anecdotes about Krammer’s life and clever zingers, which he follows up by jumping on a chair and yelling “Eat my powder!”

Some bits are sillier than others, like a cameo by the Man from Del Monte, and other parts are unexpectedly intelligent and witty. “What did you expect from a free show?” Dagley mutters under his breath before sipping an Austrian energy drink called Power Horse. Well, certainly not to laugh as hard and have as much fun. Even a gang of Austrians in the room are enjoying it. Sexy frauleins, be warned, he will try to bring you on stage and seduce you and you might enjoy it.

Flange Krammer: Alpine Horn with Flange Krammer, Espionage, until 26 August, 20:45, Free http://www.flangekrammer.co.uk