Fin Taylor @ Gilded Balloon, Counting House

Fin Taylor's risky show pays off at the Counting House

Review by Jennifer McKiernan | 10 Aug 2016
  • Whitey McWhiteface

Staring down his audience as they enter the room, Fin Taylor marks his territory like an angry tennis player and establishes a macho presence. Whitey McWhiteface ambitiously aims to challenge white male privilege, by first explaining just how privileged he is and then ripping that persona apart. Farmers' markets, food intolerances and pottering all come under fire in a volley of jokes about first world problems. He tackles racism with a deft touch and Trump-style chanting.

Provocative material on paedophilia and dogs leads to an entire row walking out of the show, claiming they had to catch a bus, but overall Taylor keeps the crowd onside. His slick and confident delivery maintains the energy in a swelteringly crowded room and a gang of drunk students is simply but expertly handled with high fives. Taylor's main talent is drawing the crowd in and then flipping expectations. He could have been another Michael McIntyre had he wanted, but he's willing to take risks and offend to get the belly laughs, not just the easy laughs.

Fin Taylor: Whitey McWhiteface, Gilded Balloon at the Counting House (Sitting Room) 3-28 Aug (not 23), 11.15pm, £5/PWYW