Exclusive: Fringe 2016 Terrier Awards Announced

The First Terrier Awards are revealed by master critic Fringe Dog

Feature by Fringe Dog | 24 Aug 2016

Ladies and men ,it give me grate pleasure to anounce the winners of the inaugrrrrrrrr-al (small joke for you there !!) Terriér Awards !! it has been tough decision because every thing i saw was a amazin 5star show ,and some hard choices had to be made ,but i offer much congratulation to the victorious briliants who won !!

Best Smellin Flyer – Marcel Lucont

it always a pleasure to see briliant and sauve french poodle marcel ,he add a touch of class to everything he comes across !! when sniffin his flyer ,my refined nose detected a hint of chateau du chien 2016 ,gauloise cigarets ,and the sweat of a large pack of wild ladies . o boy ,something very special there !! honourable mention to all the independent flyerers workin for pbh free fringe shows as well as laughing horse shows ,whose flyers had a faint whiff of danger .

Best Walkin Around On The Stage – Richard Gadd

this was a moral dilemma as he technically is on a tread mill in his show ,so it a little unclear as to whether he is walkin around on the stage as such . but i feel for sheer amount of briliant walkies traveled in one show ,he should take it ! honourable mention to arthur smith who did a walkin tour ,but unfortunately not on a stage . maybe next year ,arthur!!

Best Cross Species Appeal – Foxdog Studios

now i regret i have not been able to see this briliant amazin show ,but i have seen the film "the fox and the hound" and i am sure this stage adaption has done it justice and preched briliant empowerin message of togetherness . congratulation !!

Best Spirit of Nice Happiness – Patrick Monahan

a hour spent with mr patrick is such a pleasure !! you can be guaranteed of at least 11 hugs each in that time ,and you still wantin more !! he is even more afectionate than a big staffie (which is deeply misunderstood breed ) and he truly deserve this one !!

Best Drinkin of a Pint while doin Talkin – Fern Brady

a lot of people have been sensible about not drinkin during fringe this year, but fern is very clever !! she took the concept of drinkin and sub verted it ,by drinkin port during her show !! it good for the voice ,very sensible !! this is interestin variant and should be comended !! also she has a early in the day show ,and is gettin lots of OAPs comin in ,so drinkin port is clever way of bondin with her audience !! congratulation to briliant fern .

Best Self-Inflictd Injury – Darren Walsh

comiseration to darren for fallin of his bike while carryin a deck chair and breakin his arm,but he has made exelent recovery and carried on doin both his main show at pleasance and his second show at the briliant voodoo rooms ! hard workin man ,and still doin more puns than an elderly schnauzer at a xmas party !!

Best Sweatin – Goose and Laurence Owen

this is very hard category to choose !! anyone who doin a show in just the tonic at the caves would be strong contender !!! but 2 exelent standout sweaters this year would be adam drake from goose and laurence owen ,both who do multitude of many different characters by them selves !! buckets of 5star sweat pourin off both of them !! i recomend keepin water bowl close at all times ,always remember- safety first .

Best Squirrel – A Squirrel I seen in Meadows

it has been a slow year for squirrels but i chased a briliant fat squirrel in the meadows ,who look like he would be slow ,but he surprisinly fast !! i was suposed to see a show at george square assembly but i missed it because of the 5star squirrel . honorable mention to katia kvinge whose show was called squirrel . she very briliant ,but o boy you should have seen this squirrel !!

Best Visual Effects in Power Point Presentation – Jess Robinson

in absence of briliant power point exponents mr dave gorman and howard read ,i had to keep a nose out for briliant use of visual aids !! i only see in sepia so i canot comment on the colour schemes ,but jess robinsons amazin flashin screen to show the names of all her amazin impressions was a briliant 5star efort !! 

Best O Boy O Boy – Mr Swallow

this one is more elusive than others ,but it really just about a briliant show that has that amazin something you cant quite put your paw on !! and this year amazin mr swallow doin a show about briliant 5star escaping man houdini was very o boy o boy !! no lead can hold him ,no pound can capture him !! and with briliant acompaniment from two beautiful pomerians ,david elms and kieran hodgson ,it is a firm winner !!

o boy !!! roll over onto 2017 !!

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