Emma Sidi @ Pleasance Courtyard

Emma Sidi introduces a new mix of quirky characters

Review by Veronica Finlay | 06 Aug 2018
  • Emma Sidi

Sidi is a master of physical comedy and it’s this talent that provides most of the laughs in Faces of Grace, in which she moves from character to character with high energy and flair. The challenge for the audience is to work out what they have in common. They all want something – love, recognition, success – and they’re struggling to get it, that much is clear. But if the stories we’re told all relate to a common desire, perhaps the grace of the title, then this link is rather tenuous. 

A comedy act based on multiple characters always runs the risk of seeming inconsistent, as some will inevitably be more entertaining than others. Faces of Grace is no exception. Some of Sidi’s creations, such as friendless ‘European’ Britta and dating disaster Danielle, are genuinely funny and refreshingly non-stereotypical, performed with confidence and perfect timing. Others are not necessarily unlikeable, but they’re not as developed and delivered with less aplomb.

At its best, the hour is both original and ambitious, but in terms of landing anything of substance, it falls a bit short at times. But with more time to focus on the characters that really showcase Sidi's talents, there is real promise here.

Emma Sidi: Faces of Grace, Pleasance Courtyard (Below), until 26 Aug (not 25), 8.30pm, £6-10

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