Ellie Taylor: Ellievision @ The Counting House

Review by Heather McDaid | 08 Aug 2013
  • Ellievision

Ellie Taylor certainly doesn't lack confidence – bounding onto the stage, she immediately gets stories from the front row. A friend is found in a group who've travelled up for the Fringe, and he constantly finds himself the target of her flirtatious attention.

Taking on a mere half hour, Ellie powers through a range of shouty ramblings on the issues of moving back in with your parents, problems with engaged friends, and the ever-prominent genital theme of hen dos. It can seem heavily tilted towards the female audience members, but her uninhibited style makes her humour accessible to all.

In the epitome of her spin on unusual situations, she urges women to reclaim a sense of humour in relation to their genitalia by making them talk, with Ellie's bearing a startling vocal resemblance to the Cookie Monster. It's an odd sort of positivity, but one that is ever present in her show, even with the most obscure topics. The shorter stage time of 30 minutes goes by far too quickly, but with her high-paced and excitable tone, Ellie makes the most of every second. [Heather McDaid]


Ellievision @ The Counting House, The Lounge, 1-24 Aug (not 15), 12:20, free.