Edward Aczel: Edward Aczel Lives in a Meaningless Shed

Review by Jennifer McKiernan | 28 Aug 2013
  • Edward Aczel Lives in a Meaningless Shed

Edward Aczel Lives in a Meaningless Shed is a resounding failure. Sadly, he falls short of bombastic claims his show contains nothing worthy of even a titter.

This hollow guru is introduced with a video of Aczel climbing over stiles and gazing wistfully from hilltops. He shuffles on stage glumly and rips into compere cliches with his cringeworthy take on the standard techniques for warming up a crowd. Futile attempts to tackle big issues like politics and religion fall pathetically flat, his lack of effort adding to the laughs.

With his meaningless flipchart presentations, he gives the impression of a man who has spent decades in business meetings inwardly banging his head against the table, yet his foray into comedy seems to frustrate him just as much, as he autopilots through bafflingly bad material.

Aczel finishes his show by demanding a list of objects from the audience, leaving the stage with possibly the worst ever sketch of two hedgehogs mystifyingly scrawled across the flipchart. Not worth the time or the money.

Underbelly @ Cowgate, until 25 AUG, 6.10pm, £10/£9 http://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/edward-aczel-lives-in-a-meaningless-shed