Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Terrier Awards

Unsurpassable comedy critic Fringe Dog announces the winners of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Terrier Awards

Feature by Fringe Dog | 25 Aug 2017

Best Narative Journey – Sarah Kendall: One-Seventeen

a absolute story wizard extrordinaire !! she has got stories inside of other stories ,and stories growin out of them in all directions !! you cant get much more narative than that !!

[Sarah Kendall. Photo: Rosalind Furlong]

Best Poster to See with only 2 Color Cones in your Eyes – Michael Brunström: Parsley

my favorite colour is grey ,and Michael Brunström's poster for parsley is just a big solid block of grey (or green as you humans call it) .what a lovely colour !!

Most Edimbrughest Show (Could Not Work Any Where Else ) – A Young Man Dressed as a Gorilla Dressed as an Old Man Sits Rocking in a Rocking Chair for 56 minutes and Then Leaves... 9

need i say more ??? (please tweet me if you confused and you need me to say more)

Scotish Terrier Award for Best Briliant Scotish Act – Richard Brown: Hold Tightly to The Walls

briliant richard is normaly part of 'chunks" (i am big fan of chunks ,especialy meaty ones) and this year he valiantly over came tech problems to deliver briliant stand up show !!

Most Expresive Eyebrows – Candy Gigi: Becky Rimmer's Bat Mitzvah

briliant candy has most exelent expresive eyebrows ,nose ,hair ,earlobes etc !! she deserve multiple awards for all the diffrent bits of her face !!

Most Tasty Biscit – Adam Larter: L'art Nouveau

for skilful and hilarious surprise of a ritz cracker comin out of a pringles tube !! it was the wrong biscit !!

[Adam Larter. Photo: Isabelle Adam]

Most Joyful Tail Wagging Show – Eleanor Morton: Angry Young Woman

eleanor's incisiv eloquence and briliant funny anger made my tail wag with much happyness !! so much great feminist voices at this fringe !!

Best Show That Throws off the Collar of Opression – Desiree Burch: Unf*ckable

this show is full astute points about the abusive relation ship between pets and owners ! it gave me paws for thought . no pun intended

Show Most Likely to Winalot – Nathan Cassidy: The World's Best MC Award Grand Final

amazin nathan cassidy both ran this show ,and in shock surprise twist ,also rigged it so he would definatly be the winner of the £5000 prize !! brilliant 5star chutzpah from him !!

Best O Boy O Boy !!! – Arthur Smith: Traditional Late Night Tour of the Royal Mile

walkin around edimbrugh at 2am !!! best walkies ever !! o boy o boy o boy !!!!!!

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