Doug Segal: I Know What You're Thinking

Article by Kate Russell | 07 Aug 2011
  • Doug Segel

Expectations at a free shows tend to be lowered. At Doug Segal’s Fringe debut, that ‘show us what you’ve got’ sentiment hung in the air. And boy, did he.

Inviting comparison by overtly referencing Derren Brown’s lottery prediction is the first trick of a man confident in his skills. And rightly so. Though the tricks performed are variations on familiar themes, like mind-reading words randomly selected from a book, each has an original twist that keeps the audience on their toes.

Segal’s natural warmth and charisma shine through. And yes, some of the jokes may be on the corny side, but if jokes are what you’re focusing on here, you’re missing one hell of a show. Always open about his techniques, he even goes so far as to provide as-it-happens explanations which seem so obvious once you know. But don’t be fooled; his penultimate trick and grand finale are waiting, ready to blow your mind.

I Know What You’re Thinking should not be missed. For a start, it’s free – there is absolutely nothing stopping you. Secondly, you might just learn how to read minds. And just in case you need any more incentive, Segal is thoroughly entertaining, completely likeable, very skilful, and the right amount of spooky. And he has better hair than Derren.

Doug Segal: I Know What You're Thinking, Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters, August 4-13, 20:45, Free