Doctor Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown And His Singing Tiger

Review by Bernard O'Leary | 23 Aug 2012
  • Doctor Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown And His Singing Tiger

Reviews are essentially just personal opinions. We try to criticise consistently based on pre-existing notions of what comedy should be reaching for, but ultimately it all boils down to whether or not we enjoyed the show. And my personal opinion: I enjoyed this a whole lot more than Doctor Brown's award-nominated adult show, Befrdfgth.

Maybe it's because my daughter got to help Doctor Brown put his welly on, which was one of the most exciting moments of her little life. Maybe it's the slight schadenfreude of seeing the other dad in the front row being constantly picked on, called on to rap and play tennis and do ridiculous things in order to win a pineapple (cruelly taken away from him at the end). Or perhaps it just connected with a childhood love of silliness, a desire to play and muck about. Doctor Brown's expression throughout this show is just perfect: children connect with his wonder and innocence; adults recognise the frustration of living in a world where they're supposed to understand but really don't. Maybe that's why I loved it so much. Or maybe I just like it because he's got a tiger that sings and plays ukelele. Seriously, how fucking cool is that?

Whatever the reason, Doctor Brown have created a relentless hour of fun and daftness that doesn't have a dull millisecond in it, with frequent flashes of genius. I think this is an absolute treasure. My opinion, of course, but the bewitched expressions of the rest of the audience seem to indicate that they agree.

Doctor Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown And His Singing Tiger, Assembly George Square, until 26 August, 12:45, £8/£7