David Quirk @ Heroes, Bob's BlundaBus

Sharp, self-effacing and honest, David Quirk brings his show Approaching Perfection to the Fringe in glorious fashion.

Review by James McColl | 19 Aug 2016
  • David Quirk

On a stationary bus, Quirk demonstrates his obvious talent for storytelling and intimate performances – whether by choice or not. He's largely self-reflective, dissecting his actions of late and sharing every detail with his audience, one particular friend a subject of his stories.

Still on point, he pontificates with the audience, wondering why he hasn’t taken previous relationships seriously, while handling the treacherous topic with comedic ease. The show has a dreamlike quality to it, deliberately brought on by Quirk, a man who has had many restless nights. Astute routines about YouTube videos and white noise can only come from those with keen comedic chops and sufferers of insomnia, of which Quirk is both.

Whether confronting racist elderly women on buses, questioning drug shop workers about their products or over-analysing gifted books, Quirk tops the typical observational comedy act with a low-key and invitational honesty. His revelations and liberal political leanings make for inner turmoil and conflict with hilarious results. His observations are revealing, his realisations endearing – Quirk is a comic not to be missed.

David Quirk: Approaching Perfection, Heroes @ Bob's BlundaBus, 4-29 Aug, 8.15 pm, £5/PWYW