David O'Doherty: David O'Doh-Party

Article by Rebecca Gordon | 25 Aug 2009

When David O’ Doherty, armed with his Yamaha Portatone 260, begs the anticipant audience to ‘lower their expectations’, he knows all too well that this isn’t an option. If anything, for the 2008 if.comedy award-winning author, playwright and stand-up, expectations are at an all-time high.

But O’Doherty need not worry. Charming the yielding crowd within seconds of his knowing rib, he proceeds to gambol contentedly through a seemingly impromptu blend of music and stand-up. Playing on his individually offbeat brand of innocence, O’ Doherty relates real-life incidents from a freshly child-like perspective, slipping naturally between off the cuff ballads to the likes of the numbers in his mobile phone and animated impressions of his ‘sleazy, senile’ satnav.

Above all though, O’Doherty is what you might term a ‘nice’ comedian. Permanently agape to the horrors of the world, the endearing Irish comic happily plucks events from the obscurity of his own life rather than those of our failing society, much to the delight of his cynical-stand-up wearied spectators. For O’Doherty, performing is like child's play, and we're all invited. Go on, join in.


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