David Kay @ The Stand

Scone-based comedian packs in huge amount of gags this Fringe

Review by James McColl | 22 Aug 2019
  • Comedy

David Kay is a niche act. If you aren’t enamoured with him in the first five minutes, you won’t enjoy the oncoming fifty. Considered one of the hidden gems of Scotland's comedy scene, Kay’s persona is the same on stage as it is off. There is little showmanship. He has the vibe of an oddball 80’s indie-frontman, something that his fans seem drawn to. It’s easy going, downplayed and non-confrontational stand-up. 

Starting as he intends to go on, Kay walks us through his journey to the gig. The mundanities of buying a ticket and getting the train into Edinburgh are all examined, as is his decision to change his usual gigging outfit. Despite his gripes with the world, he is contained, talking softly. 

Assuming you believe Kay, he is well known for his scone-based comedy; the reason he assumes we have come to see him. The gags are as constant as his droning tone. Nothing seems to excite or disturb Kay, who has made nitpicking his preoccupation. He relies on these bizarre observations and funny ramblings to make up the entirety of his show. 

The consistency and tone of Kay’s delivery is both relaxing and mesmerising. Listening to Kay is like stepping into a warm bath; it’s all kinds of pleasant. Kay is a man who gently tugs away at the threads of life, pontificating on things we'd never have thought to give the time of day. Pretend arguments with celebrities with whom he shares a common interest are one of the few recurring jokes and the most popular. 

There are plenty of laughs in this unique hour of comedy, by the end of which you will either love or hate Kay.

David KayThe Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4 (Stand 3), 4.30pm, run ended