Davey Connor, Lucy Beaumont and Ed Patrick: The Big Comedy Showcase Show

Review by Roxane Hudon | 26 Aug 2012
  • Davey Connor, Lucy Beaumont and Ed Patrick

The so-called Big Comedy Showcase Show is somehow squeezed into the Gilded Balloon’s Wee Room, promising to showcase three up-and-comers for a very small amount of money. The newcomers in question are Glaswegian comic Davey Connor, representing G-Town with a ‘PAL’ t-shirt, Nottingham-born Ed Patrick, and petite Hull lady Lucy Beaumont, each with a totally different style to please your comedic palate.

Warming up the crowd with the usual ‘what do you do for a living?’ banter, the friendly Connor takes over hosting duties, joking about his ‘unsexy’ job as a care worker, his failed marriage, and his new role as a father. The more boisterous Patrick then takes to the stage, poking fun at Aberdeen and livening things up with a particularly distasteful example of bad erotic literature. But the definite crowd pleaser is the lovely Beaumont, with her thick Hull accent and her cutesy delivery making her crude humour that much more hilarious. Some of her material falls flat, and the funniest bit is probably when she reads from a Hull pizza delivery menu, but she shows definite promise.

Nothing mind-blowing here, but there are worse things you could do at this Fringe than show a little support for three comedians with great potential.


Davey Connor, Lucy Beaumont and Ed Patrick: The Big Comedy Showcase Show, Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 27 August, 22:45, £9.50/£8.50 http://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/davey-connor-lucy-beaumont-and-ed-patrick-the-big-comedy-showcase-show