Dave Fulton: Based On A True Story

Article by Bernard O'Leary | 09 Aug 2011
  • Dave Fulton

It's common knowledge that comedians deliberately try to get themselves into scrapes, just so they'll have a story for their Fringe show. Not Dave Fulton. He's been living life to the max since he was a kid, and seems to be a bit surprised to hear that people will listen to all the insane things he's done.

There's no regret, nor is it boastful. The tone is simply, "boy, some crazy shit has happened to me". For example, the best story - a yarn about doing some DIY while messed up on coke - is presented entirely without judgement, except a slight sense of amazement at not being dead. For comedy obsessives, there's also a great bit about Mitch Hedburg in which Fulton absolutely nails the impression.

Tonight's performance is almost derailed by a hopelessly drunk heckler. It's an unexpected chance for Fulton to show off the decades of experience he has as a comedian. Not only does Fulton riff hilariously off the drunk, he switches pace in his stories after the guy is ejected, managing to fit all of his remaining stories in without running over. A true pro.

Fulton explains early on that he doesn't have tattoos because he prefers scars. You can't buy scars. Fulton's stories make a lot of other acts look like they're wearing cheap, stick-on tattoos.


Dave Fulton: Based On A True Story, The Stand V, Aug 5-28th (not 15th), 23:20, £8/£9