Danny Pensive's Map Of Britain

Article | 26 Aug 2011
  • Danny Pensive's Map Of Britain

There is a lollipop waiting for each member of the audience on their chair – Danny Pensive is off to a good start. He begins his show by way of a little TV intro with a jingle and clips of some of the places he has been, before appearing on stage looking every inch the Brit in his brand new trainers, buttoned-up duffel coat, and too-short combats.

From Newquay to Aberdeen, from Swansea to Bridlington, Pensive recalls the things that made the places he has been special and memorable. But this is not some excruciating holiday slideshow. Instead he advises us about what to do with chip thieving seagulls, the nature of the people in Aberdeen, and how to make London seem less scary. His audience interaction is flawless, and he has us laughing from start to finish with his songs and little anecdotes.

His delivers each word as though it is separate from those around it, like a six-year-old reading aloud. He has a naive sort of charm; his observations about the places he has been are sweet and almost child-like, and told with such openness that he is impossible to dislike.

The Fringe’s most loveable performer.

Danny Pensive’s Map of Britain, Just The Tonic @ The Caves, 17.20, £7 (£6)