Daniel Sloss - Teenage Kicks Comedy Review

Review by Rebecca Gordon | 16 Aug 2009

When Daniel Sloss wanders onstage all smooth-faced and lank-haired, it’s hard to envisage the elfin lad having anything of the comic clout needed to impress a room filled with middle aged festival revellers. But asserting a ballsy confidence incongruous with his diminutive frame Sloss, delivers an assuredly sharp-witted set.

It’s a given that the 18-year-old’s performance hinges on the ‘teenage experience’, churning out one wank gag after another dig at the parents but, related with a self-deprecating composure, Sloss invites the largely non-teenage audience to identify, who in return titter nostalgically.

Conflicting though it is, Sloss offers an astonishingly dry outlook for one so young, observing typical teenage episodes with cynical aplomb. While his more offensive material whiffs of mentor Frankie Boyle, it’s clear the fledgling comic is attempting to cement his own style. Sloss jokes that the only reason he does stand up is because he failed his exams, but judging from his intelligent performance, he could outwit the next graduate.