Dan Willis: Radiohead Redux

Article by Jenni Brooks | 24 Aug 2011
  • Dan Willis: Radiohead Redux

For some it’s cranking up the record player and whisking out the vinyl. For others it’s getting drunk in the company of Spotify, or taking turns to root through each other's MP3 playlists. No matter what age you are, music is the mainline to instant nostalgia and Dan Willis’ clips-based show offers enough variety to chime with several generations.

Essentially it’s a music journey through his own life but, by encompassing rites of passage most people can relate to, Willis manages to keep everyone on board. Narrating us through first girlfriends, school dances, fake ID and coupledom, the clips span anything from Shed Seven to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Bruno Mars although, disappointingly, Radiohead hardly feature.

Willis is an affable and engaging host and at times the show takes on a pub quiz feel, with audience members jumping in to identify a tune from its intro and the quickest being rewarded chocolate for their trouble. Willis pays genuine attention to the people in the room to create a friendly collective feel and the audience even forgive him some very dodgy Michael Jackson dancing. The show seems to whizz by, spitting us back onto the rainy streets too soon - but humming a happy tune.

Dan Willis: Radiohead Redux, Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 17:00, Free