Conor Drum: A Sense of Humour

Review by Barrie Morgan | 09 Aug 2012

Irish comic Conor Drum arrives at his first Fringe festival with motivation, enthusiasm and little fanfare. As do most. His set, coming in at a little under the 45 minute mark, is solid, well-rounded and will only help further his understandings of how the Fringe operates.

Drum sticks closely to his main theme of humour in general and never really meanders too far from this original plan. There are definitely moments when Drum's inexperience shows, as he fails to elaborate on some points that simply cry out to be delved into. This will no doubt be replaced in time as the comic grows, just as the room grew with him in that short period of time. Initially the audience seemed to treat the unknown with reserved trepidation but it was his endearing charm that won us over.

And charm is what Drum has going for him. If you're willing to give it a shot you won't be let down. He engages well with the audience and delivers high quality material. He seemed to learn even over a 45 minute period, therefore his show may grow and grow as the Fringe goes on.

An endearing, enjoyable and composed performance, despite the small crowd.

Conor Drum - A Sense of Humour, Laughing Horse @ The Phoenix, until 27 Aug (not 15), 9.30pm, FREE