Come Flyer With Me: Tom Goodliffe

Blog by Tom Goodliffe | 17 Aug 2011
  • Come Flyer With Me: Tom Goodliffe

I quite enjoy flyering – I don’t get out much – and I particularly enjoy finding different ways to sell the show. If it’s chucking it down my show is in “the driest venue in Edinburgh”. If there’s a massive queue at the Fringe box office there’s “tickets available on the door”.

But my favourite part is the look people give you when they realise it’s you on the flyer. Thanks to a different hairstyle and a few months of rapid ageing, the photo of me looks just different enough for people to do the “Is that him?” look. Usually they work out that it is me, but last week someone totally missed it. I had to have a whole conversation in the third person when she approached me...

“Where is Tom Goodliffe on?”

“Um... he is on at Cabaret Voltaire, just down there on the left, in 20 minutes.”

“And I can buy tickets for him on the door?”

“Yes you can, and I’m sure he will be very grateful.”


“No worries, see you there (from the stage).”

'Tom Goodliffe: The Good Liffe' is on every day at Cabaret Voltaire, 3.45pm.