Colin Cloud @ Underbelly, Med Quad

Colin Cloud's up to his old tricks again, and leaves us mesmerised

Review by Cara McNamara | 16 Aug 2016
  • Colin Cloud

The joy of illusionists will always be trying to work out how they did it. You may suspect a mixture of factors at play, from distraction, to sleight of hand, to magic props. You might even think you’ve cracked it. However, with Colin Cloud, you will not see the joins.

Dressed like the most flamboyant of the Dr Whos, Cloud channels the mentalists of the 1900s, mystifying his modern audience by predicting the clothes they’ve worn, the book pages they’re holding, and the imaginary films they’ve imaginarily seen with imaginary film stars. A smiley, pattertastic Glaswegian, Cloud is more accessible than Derren Brown and less of a cock than David Blaine, though working from a similar premise to his more famous precedents – that he can divine answers from reactions, and manipulate action through suggestion. Complete nonsense, of course; it’s clearly all very well planned, but Christ knows how. 

Above all, Cloud is a showman, involving as many audience members as possible, spreading the bafflement and maximising the enjoyment. His finale – in fact, his whole show – is cracking entertainment. Guaranteed to have you walking home with a smile on your face.

Colin Cloud: Exposé, Underbelly Med Quad (Cow Barn), 3-28 Aug, 9pm, £7-12