Chris Turner: Pretty Fly @ Pleasance Courtyard

Review by Graeme Morrice | 06 Aug 2014
  • Chris Turner: Pretty Fly

In his debut solo show Chris Turner has packed a lot of material into one hour so make sure you’re there for the doors opening; it gets going well before he appears with some clever audience inspired improvisation. Once on stage he takes you through his less than authentic hip-hop inspired life, posh school, worried parents, studying archeology, falling in love, minor deviations involving the periodic table and roman numerals then finally falling out of love. Delivery comes courtesy of the pun-based self-mocking school of comedy; it is clever stuff. Very clever in fact, there’s a lot to laugh at even if it isn’t all laugh out loud funny. The only breaks in an otherwise high tempo show are the occasional pauses to allow some of the jokes to sink in, listen out for the groans as pennies drop and try your best not to fill in the gaps for others. It’s a small venue that works especially well when the subject matter is more personal. Interaction with the packed audience is relaxed and engaging with every out of place laugh or comment picked up on to good effect.

The end of the show is particularly impressive – think of a middle class Marshall Mathers III doing some audience-led improv; now think of it being much funnier. One of the younger and perhaps lesser known names, that surely won’t be the case much longer for this likeable and quick-witted comedian. Try and get a ticket while you still can.

Chris Turner: Pretty Fly @ Pleasance Courtyard, 1-25 Aug, 6.45 pm, £8