Chris Dangerfield: Sex Tourist

Review by Simon Pattullo | 13 Aug 2012

Under the arches, dapper in three piece suit, and free from a microphone, Dangerfield lets us know what’s coming.

A couple had walked out the previous evening, apparently, citing that it had "not been what they expected". Given that his flyers tell us it’s about a sex tourism trip that went wrong, he wonders just what they thought was in store. While the material is certainly raw, it’s delivered in an easy, natural way, and all bums are firmly planted on seats tonight. With some of the anecdotes on offer here, that’s probably just the place for them.

A talented storyteller, Dangerfield twists what should be simple moral/ethical standpoints, and displays a fine line in comic argument. A little more of this would have been welcome, but he neglects this tack, instead diving into brutal descriptions of a remarkable trip. A filthy few weeks, in every sense, yet it’s refreshing to hear him pull no punches, and wear his heart on his sleeve. Physical contortions bring gasps and winces, and not a few laughs.

Portions of his show do sound more confessional that comedic, yet as he lets us know what/who he’s going to spend any contributions on, it’s a mark of a successful gig that coins fall readily into his bucket.

Chris Dangerfield: Sex Tourist, Alternative Fringe @ The Hive, until 26 August, 17:45, Free