Chris Cox: Mind Over Patter

Article by Rebecca Gordon | 10 Aug 2009

We love Cox. Or so the opportunely named ‘mind reader’ guffaws, along with a sprinkling of double entendres perhaps provided to justify the 18+ restriction on what is otherwise an inoffensive jaunt into the wonders of mind control.

Lacking the solemnity of Derren Brown (and some of the skill), Chris Cox marries a tightly constructed comedic set with magic, punctuating feats of psychological illusion with carefully executed quips. As a result though, neither aspect of the show particularly excels, and Cox’s intermittent gags end up seeming forced amidst numerous mind-reading attempts.

Still, the blend of trickery and cheeky humour, not a million miles from Saturday night TV, gets the audience going, and an undeniable rapport spreads through the room as we jointly experience the inexhaustible energy of the child-friendly magician.

Essentially, Mind Over Patter is pure entertainment, a brightly coloured, friendly attraction which, however, lacks any real individual quality.