Catherine Bohart @ Pleasance Courtyard

A self-assured debut from a star in the making

Review by Eve Livingston | 10 Aug 2018

Catherine Bohart is such a picture of confidence and charisma from the moment she steps on stage that it’s hard to believe this is her first Fringe hour. In this charming show about growing up in a devoutly Catholic Irish family, she proves she has what it takes to make it to the big leagues.

A natural storyteller, Bohart weaves pathos and punchlines together with ease, taking her audience on a satisfying narrative journey which begins with her coming out as bisexual and being diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but doesn’t end as you might expect. Her delivery is all wide-eyed and endearing but she proves herself sharp and occasionally edgy in ad libs and sections of crowd work where she really excels.

The subject matter is well-handled here too, as Bohart ties together her own identity and experiences with the wider socially progressive change taking place in Ireland in recent years. It’s smart writing when simply riffing on the challenges her OCD and bisexuality have presented her might have been easier, and it pays off.

Immaculate is a well-crafted and beautifully-delivered hour, and one which surely carves out a successful future in stand-up comedy.

Catherine Bohart: Immaculate, Pleasance Courtyard (Bunker Two), 2-26 Aug (not 14), £10.50-9.50

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