Cariad Lloyd: Lady Cariad's Characters

Article by Bernard O'Leary | 09 Aug 2011
  • Cariad Lloyd: Lady Cariad's Characters

The Fringe can be challenging to the most experienced of performers, so it's always breathtaking when a newbie nails it on their first attempt. Cariad Lloyd has done exactly this with a selection of brilliantly written characters.

Lloyd's standard of quality control is impressive. These aren't characters based on a catchphrase or a funny voice, these are real people with vast backstories. Some are stock characters with inventive twists, such as a music hall entertainer who's also a murderer on the brink of killing again. Others are completely original, like the magician's assistant attempting to talk her dad out of suicide.

The writing sparkles throughout, but Lloyd knows her characters so well that she's at ease going off-script and chatting to the audience. It shows the level of planning and detail in the show; it also shows just what a naturally funny person she is.

Lloyd's not a typical Free Fringe act - she's also with Men Of War at the Pleasance and her director is Ben from Idiots Of Ants - but still this is evidence of how much ground the free Fringe Festival is gaining. An incredible debut of real quality, as good as any at the Big Four and all for nowt.

Cariad Lloyd: Lady Cariad's Characters, Voodoo Rooms, August 6-27 (not 17th), 15:55, Free