Carey Marx: Laziness and Stuff

Article by Simon Fielding | 08 Aug 2011
  • Carey Marx: Laziness and Stuff

Opening this sweltering late night slot with some incisive, linguistically astute material concerning the shortcomings of a Dubai hotel, Carey Marx's latest show explores the question of whether comedy can actually change anything.

Always willing to draw upon difficult subject matter, the show is underpinned by Marx's suspicion that nobody is actually listening to intelligent comedy. This is a brave premise to work from, but he succeeds. Segments on what is or isn't sexist alternate well with more prosaic reflections on bald patches and irritable bowel syndrome in the first part of the set.

Marx shifts easily between rigorous intellectual analysis of what constitutes prejudice and delightfully childish pieces on poo and testicles. By far the most impressive section of the show is held back for the final twenty minutes. Judaism forms a crucial part of the comic's cultural identity, and the dynamic interrogation of his religious heritage is by turns thoughtful, shocking and hilarious. Laziness and Stuff is a cleverly conceived, far from lazy hour of comedy.

Carey Marx: Laziness and Stuff, 6-28 August (not 15th), Gilded Balloon. Tickets from £8