Candy Gigi @ Heroes, The Hive

Prepare to be turned into a human toy at Candy Gigi's latest Edinburgh Fringe show

Review by Stu Black | 09 Aug 2017

You don't so much as attend a Candy Gigi show as get taken hostage by it. And the overbearing bigmouth’s latest character creation – 12-year-old Becky Rimmer, who’s celebrating her bat mitzvah today – is as batshit crazy as they come.

Becky is a hyper-emotional, Orthodox Jewish princess in a blue, sequinned party dress; think Violet Elizabeth on bath salts. This is the biggest day of her life – and it will be perfect, whether her ‘guests’ like it or not. Becky merrily terrorises the audience from the get-go (and abuses anyone who tries to sneak out the back). It’s an awesome spectacle: grotesque, OTT and often quite distressing. When she bursts into a tornado of tears because her boyfriend hasn’t shown up, it’s nearly too much.

Between the party games, we get plenty of fluid: blood, cream and Exorcist-style green puke. Though perhaps more distasteful than these is Becky’s taste for sugary late-90s pop, the show being peppered with bursts of Blue, S Club 7, the Spice Girls and more. A repurposing of the Little Mermaid’s Part Of Your World as Becky summons her first period is quite an eye-watering experience. Gigi’s singing voice is frankly awesome – a foghorn that blows most of the front row off their chairs.

Gigi’s shtick is not for the faint-hearted; people are toys in her hands. Put simply: this is the limit, and if there's a crazier act on the Fringe, you probably wouldn't want to see it. Heroes should think about bumping her up the schedule so she can scare the piss out of the late night booze brigade.

Candy Gigi Presents: Becky Rimmer's Bat Mitzvah, Heroes at The Hive (Bunka), until 27 Aug (not 13, 14 & 22), 1.15pm, £5/PWYW