Bruce Fummey - My Afro Celtic Angst @ Laughing Horse Comedy

Review by Signe Madara | 22 Aug 2013
  • Bruce Fummey - My Afro Celtic Angst

For about an hour, Bruce Fummey lets the audience in on an experience not many have lived through—growing up as pretty much the only mixed-race kid in Perth in 60s/70s; "when racism was still popular." He takes subject matter that could easily be considered quite emotionally sensitive, yet manages to reframe it with a sense of humour and genuine insight.  

What started out as a very energetic act soon mellowed, yet didn't manage to stay entertaining. Fummey might not be hysterically funny, an hour spent in his company worthwhile. He blends jokes - some which would make the more PC-sensitive uncomfortable - with more soulful thoughts. He relates personal experiences, and even manages to throw in a quick lark about his mother's sexual preferences. The narrative jumps back and forth from puberty, awkward by default, to the present day, and the changes he's gone through along the way. Good for a chuckle if you like your comedy heartfelt and rooted in personal experience. 

Bruce Fummey: My Afro Celtic Angst, Laughing Horse Comedy @ Kasbar, Espionage, until 25 Aug, 21.45, free