Braw or Naw: Diet of Worms

Irish sketch group Diet of Worms cast their critical eye over what's braw and what's naw at this year's Fringe.

Feature by Diet of Worms | 11 Aug 2008

Braw: The delightfully odd woman who came to our show last week and cried, wailed and sniffled all the way through because apparently Rory somehow reminded her of her poodle who died the day before. "They have the same eyes."

Naw: The friends of this woman who were annoyed because they were trying to take her mind of the dead dog by taking her to a comedy show and gave out to us as if we had done it on purpose.

Braw: The Griffin in Edinburgh Zoo.

Naw: Being lied to by so-called "friends" who think that you're gullible and will believe anything that you're told.

Braw: Seeing the Proclaimers on Prince's Street.

Naw: The look of disgust and offence on the two women's faces who I sang 'Letter from America' to before asking for their autograph.

Braw: Having the chats with an Edinburgh cabbie.

Naw: Being kicked out of an Edinburgh cab for saying that Scottish sausages aren't as good as Irish ones.

Braw: IRN-BRU.

Naw: Lidl's Iron Brew.

Braw: The joy of cooking for the seven people in the flat.

Naw: The pain of cooking for the vegetarian, the coeliac, the lactose intolerant, the nut allergy girl, the hypochondriac diabetic, the vegan and the downright picky flipper in the flat.

Braw: That lovely excited feeling you get in the week leading up to flying off to Edinburgh to become a superstar. "Wow I can't wait. I'm going to see loads of great shows, eat loads of angus burgers and I'll hardly have to flyer at all because ticket sales are going to be great."

Naw: The moment you realise that you've completely mind blocked how flipping hard it actually was last year. "Wow why did I bother? I'm too busy re-writing my show to see anyone else's, I'm too poor to afford those burgers and I have to spend five hours a day on the Royal Mile being shouted at by drama students because our ticket sales are so slow." Nah, actually it is pretty great here.

Braw: Amusing little Edinburgh Fringe 'getting to know the performers' pieces like this.

Naw: Trying to be funny by being post-modern because you can't think of anything else to say.

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