Bobby Mair @ Heroes, The Hive

Bobby Mair is on good form but his material is on the slight side

Review by Ben Venables | 15 Aug 2017
  • Bobby Mair

It's third time lucky for Bobby Mair, having to start his show over yet again due to a bizarre aisle sit-in. A guy seemed to be trying to cadge a smoke off his mate, oblivious to – or perhaps just not caring – a gig was happening around him. It didn't put Mair off too much though, but his hour does have a certain stop-start feel without the interruption, due to uneven material.

Mair has a difficult personal story to relay, but one that is ideal for the Fringe as he tracks down his biological mother and half-siblings. He says it isn't used as too much of a narrative device, but in truth it barely gets going at all with him finally coming round to it when most of the hour is up. That's not to say he particularly needs it – there are plenty of great routines beforehand, and he indeed dwells in the swamps of mortality, family, memories and a post-apoclypic future (where his status increases because his lifestyle stays the same). It's a pity it all seems a little underdeveloped, because otherwise Mair is a fine comedian on fine form.

Bobby Mair: Loudly Insecure, Heroes at The Hive (Cave), until 27 Aug (not 14), 7.15pm, £4-5