Bo Burnham @ Pleasance Dome

Article by Hannah Van Den Bergh | 11 Aug 2010

Words... Words... Words? A more fitting title would be 'the guttural noises of an audience swamped with laughter'. The crowd hangs on Bo’s every word, mesmerised by his talents like small impatient children charmed by a boy with sweets. He commands a very high standard of comedy belying his nineteen years. In fact, he should consider pausing more often to let the audience take breath; with his musical songs plagued with satire and his sexually vivid poetry, the strong dimensions of his performance avoid any lull or distraction.

Bo grapples religion, love and by the end of the performance answers his own question when he asks 'what’s funny?' Those looking out for the next breakthrough in the comedy scene should sit up and take note of Bo, with his straight-faced humour and shrewd timing. Fight your way to the front of the queue and get a ticket before they’re all gone.

6-29 Aug, Pleasance Dome, 9.35pm (1 hour), £10.50 (£9)