Bec Hill: Bec Hill is More Afraid Of You Than You Are of Her!

Review by Roxane Hudon | 26 Aug 2012
  • Bec Hill

What are you afraid of? Aussie comedian Bec Hill claims to be afraid of you and I, audiences, failed banter, and mean hecklers. She finds an audience member to provide comfort and share his phobia, promising that, by the end of the show, both their fears will be conquered.

Using quirky and amusing drawings, Hill explains all her other phobias: flying, clowns, and Godzilla - animating each one with flip charts. To tackle her main fear, she forces us to heckle her so she can show just how bad she is at responding, complimenting each heckler instead of standing up for herself.

With her endearing charm, it’s beyond me how anyone would yell anything awful at the lovely Hill in the first place. Between kooky phobia-related jokes, Hill throws in funny personal revelations about waiting to have sex and how she met her boyfriend, using a very sexist and hilarious pick-up cassette to demonstrate. Her upbeat energy and charisma make for an incredibly feel-good show. Even the surprise ending is cute.

Hill clearly needs to find a new fear, because this audience’s got nothing but love for her.


Bec Hill: Bec Hill is More Afraid Of You Than You Are of Her!, run ended