Barry and Stuart: Powered by Demons

Article by Edward Whelan | 30 Aug 2009

In the basement of the Underbelly, Barry and Stuart are having tea in china cups. Then Barry slices open his own neck.

But the show is not all gorefest, more a string of illusions, and all performed on an almost bare stage. There is a pleasure in seeing magicians in a stripped down room, their trickery all the more impressive with seemingly nothing to hide behind. The only flaw is when illusions are completed almost offhandedly - their moment of reveal was often so unprepossessing the audience failed to be amazed, which is a shame because there are all kinds of feats to marvel. Amongst the nails and needles and blood soaked shirts are vinyl curiosities, classic rope tricks and strange Russian instruments. It is indeed a miniature carnival of oddities.

And remember: if you are invited on stage, keep hold of your wallet.