Austentatious: An Improvised Jane Austen Novel

Review by Sarah Sharp | 05 Aug 2012
  • Austentatious

Oh Jane. Janey Jane. Just a mere woman, but she managed to write no less than 750 novels in her brief life (for fifteen years of which she was, after all, less than fifteen years old).

With an introduction from Dr Sam Pattenson, the world’s fourth leading expert on Austen (same ranking for slagging off the Bronte sisters), Austentatious is the performance of a hitherto unknown Austen title, as performed by expert improv troupe The Milk Monitors. The audience suggestion for this elusive work is pulled out of a hat, like some sort of exquisite parlour game. Except with improv. And possibly a giant squid. (Actual squid not included).

While it was a shame not to see a rendition of that peerless text ‘The Bravery of Charles McNostril’, we were thrilled nevertheless to see the world premiere of ‘Twitter Ye Not’.

The Milk Monitors are a troupe of long standing and know their way round the merry improvisation gig like a veritable Darcy on the dancefloor. Mischievous and masterful, they relish the chance to put one another through their improv paces. Nonchalant words do not go unnoticed (this is Austen, after all).

Witty, silly and gloriously funny, Austentatious is something you simply must fit into your social calendar for the season. Don’t know much about Austen? No matter. Neither do they.

The Milk Monitors Austentatious: An Improvised Jane Austen Novel Laughing Horse @ The Counting House Until 27th Aug Free 13.30